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The Trust, overseen by a Board of Directors, is currently responsible for the three non-maintained residential special schools for pupils and students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or Specific Learning Difficulties including Speech & Language Disorders.

The schools; Brantridge for boys aged 6 to 13 years; Grafham Grange for boys aged 10 to 17 years; and St Dominic’s for boys and girls aged 7 to 19 years - are respected and successful establishments providing specialist, very high quality education, care and therapeutic intervention.

They each provide an important specialist resource for local authorities throughout London and the South East. All three schools have an impressive and infectious atmosphere of optimism, professional dedication and commitment to high quality care, education and support for their pupils.

School Governance

Each school has a Governing Body appointed by the trustees and operates as a committee of the Trust.

The composition of the school governing body complies with statutory requirements established by the Secretary of State for non-maintained independent special schools. The required composition includes a seat for at least one member:

  • nominated by a Local Authority
  • elected from amongst teaching employees
  • elected or appointed to represent parents of children at the school

The Trust takes the view that in addition to elected teacher employees at least one further place on the governing body is reserved for representative(s) of residential care and/or support services employees.

The Trust Board formally appoints the Chair and Vice Chair of each Governing Body and approves all additional school governors.