RADIUS Brochure

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Our Strategy

To download our Strategy Document for 2016 - 2020 please click here.

Our Priorities

To develop leadership and management capability in each school and across the Trust as well as scope and adjust to changing government policy priorities in an increasing competitive environment.
  • Develop and imbed high quality staff practice through rigorous performance management processes with specific reference to teaching and learning including out of classroom learning opportunities.
  • Focus central service delivery efficiency, enhancing and adding value to the operation of each school.
  • Refine and develop a coherent shape to Therapy provision for each school aligned with the school specialism of needs being supported.
  • Develop and embed a high skillset in behaviour management and strategies linked to an external scheme of training and competency validation.
  • Develop a capacity and commitment to self-evaluation, peer review and adoption of best practice across RADIUS schools.

Sharing & Collaboration

The Trust will ensure that our schools are sharing and planning together to maximise efficiency and encouraging employees to be ambassadors for the organisation. This will include sharing training and development.

We will strive to fill all available school places, innovate further provision (e.g. to age 25) and expand the Trust. This will be achieved by collaborating and formal partnering with Local Authorities, NMIS, SEN Schools and Academies and working with mainstream clusters for pupils with SEN.

Financial Stability

The Trust is responsible for balancing the income and expenditure and ensuring there is revenue to support facilities investment as well as holding a contingency reserve. We will aim to develop benefactors and donors and secure growth to generate economies of scale.

Free Service

The Trust will be dedicated to supporting families struggling with the (SEND) system through a free advocacy service. This will be volunteer based and not limited to parents seeking places in our schools.