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Our Mission

The Trust bases its approach on contemporary social policies and evolving expectations for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities. In all, the Trust seeks to achieve for the young people with whom it works, the optimum outcomes for the next steps in their development.

  • The Trust believes in maintaining residential provision, which is both educational and therapeutic, to the benefit of young people who have special needs that relate to emotional and behavioural factors and those with a known range of autism challenges.
  • Each school differentiates and customises the particular approaches in supporting such young people.
  • The Trust acknowledges the importance of inclusivity. The philosophy, supported by Trust schools, promotes each young person’s potential to return to mainstream education, further education or training by means of multi-disciplinary teams and multi-agency personnel where needed in order to investigate and address barriers to learning.
  • The Trust accepts a broad approach to 'therapy', which draws upon best practice in educational, social care, psychological and psychiatric fields of practice. Our use of therapy input with our young people aligns and complements education and care plans on an individual and customised basis. The Trust has a consistent small number of pupils/students who are the subject of statutory care proceedings and in some cases are formally "Looked After".
  • The Trust recognises the importance of working closely with each pupil's parents/carers and home/sponsoring Local Authority. To this end our schools maintain good two way communications for there to be mutual understanding in defining the best programmes of support for the young person and their family.
  • The Trust recognises the importance of each school within its remit continuing to improve the quality of teaching and learning, and to raise the standards of attainment of the young people within its care.
  • The Trust supports and recognises the value of its employees belonging to a broad, multi-disciplinary team with a corporate identity.

The Trust believes in promoting staff development in order to maintain high standards and personal development aligned with driving excellence in our delivery.